International Express Co., LTD is an International Freight Forwarder based in the United States Of America. We are very glad providing professional services to individuals and entrepreneurs. Nowadays, logistics is the key of success in business, especially in highly competitive markets and that is the more reason why we have become a precious partner to our customers.

Each customer has a specific request and we have as duty assisting him at every stage of the procedure. We are a dedicated freight forwarder and our capacity to adapt allows us to offer tailored services on every shipment.

Our service is not limited on transportation as equally we provide related services which are highly appreciated by our customers. Regardless of the type of transportation involved (commodity, personal belongings, live animals or vehicles), we remain in constant contact with the shipper and receiver until the delivery has been finalized. A thorough knowledge of international customs clearance enables us to effectively meet our customers’ requests.

Our multilingual team is ready to advise and guide you whenever faced with any issues. On a global changing market, communicating in familiar languages is highly appreciated by our customers.

International Express Co., LTD has a various customers, mostly SMEs, but also NGOs and individuals. For each client, our main goal is satisfying him in order to gain his loyalty. The success of our clients definitely remians our obsession.