We understand the worries every family faces when one of is about to make a long journey. The security, safety and health are all at stake. We work together with pet agencies to avoid unforeseen and unnecessary circumstances. 

Permits & Customs Clearance

We apply pro import permits and transit permits when required. Also very important we provide customs clearance in the U.S. as well as abroad.


International Express Co., LTD can provide boarding in both the origin and destination city if required or requested. In some cases, an overnight stay is required while en route due to the flight schedule. In situations like this International Express Co., LTD will make all necessary arrangements to ensure that your pet is fed and walked so he/she has a comfortable, restful night.

USDA Endorsements

We arrange for USDA endorsement and consular legalization of documents.

Quarantine needed?

International Express Co., LTD can arrange quarantine if required.


All insurance are refundable upon safe arrival of goods at clients destination. International Express Co., LTD adopts a transparent insurance policy with its clientele putting satisfaction before everything. We apply insurance fee to protect our clients from unforeseen circumstances and because the transportation law requires so. It is for this reason that we refund 90% of our customers insurance fee when the transactions has been completed. The extra 10% is file and logistics processing fee which will involve all the necessary documentation and validation of clients pets.