As members of the IATA (International Air Transport Association), at International Express Co., LTD we can process shipments with any airline in the world. In addition, we have the measures in place to transport all types of merchandise: general cargo, perishable goods, dangerous goods, high-value goods, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Charter department

This department is responsible for providing specific aircraft for the type of merchandise each company needs to transport.

Monitoring and tracking of the merchandise

Availing of the latest generation IT systems, we track the merchandise 24 hours a day, and are able to know the status of all our shipments at any given time.

Transporting of materials for any type of event

We have extensive experience in managing shipments of materials for the assembly of stands at fairs and exhibitions, as well as for music tours and events.

Document management

At International Express Co., LTD, we manage all the documentation related to the shipment and any form merchandise purchases/sales: credit letters, shipment verified by document hand-over, contracts, etc.